Get free-to-use SVG illustrations and other vector graphics

Yes, that's right. You may get these neat illustrations and use the vectors for free on your website, app, or in some other project.

Premium illustrations

Get extra quality illustrations tailored specifically to your needs.

Also you can get all the illustrations in SVG for only half of their price!

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Still nothing?

We can create custom illustrations for you and you only. Send us a message or simply leave your e-mail below. We promise to write you back in less than 8 hours.

Our team

We are the team of two and we better this project with every single day.

Michael Shishov

Project manager / web designer / web developer

I’ve always dreamt of creating an open source project that would help thousands of people. Now this dream has come true with the help of my partner.

Svetlana Kostyushkina

Graphic designer / illustrator

When I first started drawing illustrations I couldn't even think that I'd be able to take part in such a project, sharing my art and making your life better with it. I'm grateful for this opportunity and for your attention to our work.